Here you will find a large collection of family portraits that we have created over the years. Every Austin family we work with gets a completely custom experience for their portrait session. Our family portrait packages are created to fit any budget and still include everything that families want from their Dustin Meyer Photography portrait session. Many of our parents see their family portrait session as an investment in images that will capture this time of transition forever. Also, our parents tell us that their portrait sessions are a huge boost to their children’s self-confidence as well as their self image. Because we can also provide professional makeup services by Maris Malone Calderon and MMC Makeup Artists with each of our packages, the best look possible is guaranteed for each family portrait session we cater to. Your first impression is that our family portrait packages may be more expensive than other studios. However, our family portrait packages are right in line with many other prominent studios in Austin when you see everything that’s included in the package. Our goal is to make sure you understand your investment in family portraits from the very beginning. Plus, the experience we provide your family will be remembered for a lifetime.